The best – and worst – Hipsiti city reviews…

If you’re anything like the team at Hipsiti, checking out reviews is a crucial part of any travel decision. So before you plan your trip, you jump on to, find your next city break and read through the ratings and reviews left by other Hipsiti travellers like you. You come across an incredibly helpful review by Emma, add Tokyo Tower to your list of sights to see whilst you’re in Japan and stop stressing that you’ll need a translator whilst you’re there or will be stuck eating sushi for two weeks…

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Cebu, Philippines

Affordable living and amazing attractions, these 10 cities have it all…

Hipsiti was created with the idea of people sharing their experiences and stories so that others in the community can tap into the treks of others to design their future travel plans. We also know that with the cost of living, people have limited budgets when it comes to travel. So if you’re seeking an adventure with outstanding attractions at an affordable price, also endorsed by our well-traveled Hipsiti community, this is the list you’ve been waiting for… Continue reading “Affordable living and amazing attractions, these 10 cities have it all…”

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Hipsiti is perfect for those who have no idea where to travel as you will be able to tap into the treks of others. Hipsiti may very well mean that your itineraries are about to change for the better.

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