Top 10 Friendliest Cities in the World

One of the main things we talk about with our friends and family when returning back from travelling is just how friendly the people were! (or weren’t). Unfortunately, this is usually something we look at in hindsight and never really consider when planning our trip. Well that’s about to change as we reveal to you the top 10 friendliest cities in the world according to the Hipsiti community. These cities all rate above 8/10 for friendliness and are the most frequently rated on

10. Barcelona 8.1

To kick start the top 10…Barcelona is one of the friendliest places on earth according to our Hipsiti community. We think it might have something to do with its buzzing nightlife, sunshine and outstanding food. Who couldn’t be happier living in a place like that?

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9. Kathmandu 8.2

The main reason people visit this place is usually to see the great attraction of Mt Everest, or even climb it! Be prepared to immerse yourselves in the spellbinding landscape. Attractions aside, Kathmandu is an all round great city with affordable top quality food, great weather and most importantly friendly locals!

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8. Amsterdam 8.2

Amsterdam is a city in the Netherlands which has always been a unique place to travel and is especially known for their canals, bikes and nightlife. People are welcoming, speak excellent English, have a great sense of humour and will make you feel at home as soon as you arrive.

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7. Adelaide 8.2

Our first of two Aussie cities in the top 10! Australian’s are downright easygoing and laid-back people. They will be happy to go out of their way to give you directions especially when taking a road trip to the wonderful surrounding wine regions. Adelaide is a somewhat quieter city and extremely safe for travellers, a very liveable city.

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6. Budapest 8.3

Budapest is known for its outstanding attractions which is the main reason people choose to visit. However, it’s nice to know that in addition, the locals are friendly and are willing to show you around, providing an insight into their culture. Perfect if you’re looking for both r&r at their extraordinary thermal baths or late night eats and pub action.

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5. Manila 8.4

Its nice to know that friendliness travels all over the world too, with the next friendliest city being in the Phillipines. This small densely populated city is filled with vibrant people who love to party, making the nightlife especially enjoyable! If you’re a foodie, looking for an affordable, party party city, Manila might be one to add to the bucket list.

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4. Perth 8.5

No surprise! Perth is Hipsiti’s choice as the friendliest capital of Australia. Perth people are even more laid back than other parts of Australia, and that’s saying something! Besides the welcoming vibes, Perth also has lots to offer including squeaky clean, beautiful beaches and brilliant weather for most of the year.

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3. Cape Town 8.6

Our community says Cape Town is an amazing place for everyone to visit and that’s probably due to the people! Whether you’re single, a party-goer, in a relationship or travelling with family, this city is suitable for all. Apart from the friendly people and level of service, people say this place simply stuns with attractions and has high quality food.
What more could you ask for in a holiday?

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2. Tokyo 8.6

People in Tokyo have a high level of respect and put their guests above all. So if you’re considering travelling to this fashion-conscious, rule-abiding capital, you can count on warm and hospitable people providing top notch service. Overall our reviews of Tokyo say there’s no place like it on earth, very unique to any other city in the world.

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Drum roll please…. all other cities of the world, the benchmark for friendliness is:

1. Lisbon 8.7

The friendliest of the friendliest! Lisbon is the stunning coastal capital city of Portugal. According to one of our members, locals in Lisbon speak around 4-5 languages!! This makes communication very easy, which is something we all look for when we’re in a new and unfamiliar place. Get set to chill, relax and enjoy a Portuguese tart with fellow tourists and locals. Whether or not you’ve been to Lisbon, if you’re thinking of going somewhere
with friendly people, you know the place to keep in mind.

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Apart from these 10 amazing cities, filled with friendly people, the Hipsiti community has a special call out to Las Vegas as the one USA city at present meeting the criteria having just missed our top 10. In time which other USA cities are destined to be the friendliest in the world? Don’t forget to visit and rate your favourite cities! You could WIN a Bose Soundlink Speaker.

We hope after reading about these 10 friendliest cities in the world, you will think about your future travel plans in a different way. After all at Hipsiti, we know how important it is to come back from your travels with a smile. If you have any thoughts about your own experience in friendly cities, we would love to hear from you in the comment section below!

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