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A city in Jordan
Historic city, full of life and beauty. Great food where ever you go. Most people in Jordan are always willing to help, very friendly and will invite you for food or tea. Try some mansaf, it's a traditional dish made with yogurt, lamb and rice Enjoy your trip to Jordan and take many photo's You will never forget your trip to Jordan. Most young Jordanians can speak English.

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A city in South Africa
Hotels are great and great service most places Try some Chutney and Bunny Chow, my fav food

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A city in Australia
Lots of culture, many food varieties, great beaches and lovely service. Many backpackers & hostels in the city with reasonable rates. Hotels are very nice and have great views, but are expensive Visit The Blue Mountains and Three Sisters Go to Manly Beach and Bondi Beach

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A city in Philippines
Wonderful food experience, great malls/shops/markets and full of life, enjoy your stay. Food is wonderful and accommodation is very cheap in hostels and boarding motels Hotels and Casino's are expensive, but first class service It is a wonderful place full of life and great food. Just be cautious with your belongings and don't carry to much cash or jewelry while outside. Try to stay in a group

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A city in Israel
It's best to go in a group or Tour There is lots to see, very holly place I stayed for a week and still didn't see everything, you may need 2 weeks Our Tour company booked all hotels and transport. We traveled from Jordan to Israel/Palestine it was a great tour Lots of security check points and you may be asked to get searched or even wait a few hours when entry to the country. So be patient and aware that it may take sometime to enter Israel, Otherwise it was a great place to visit

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