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A city in Japan
Just went to Tokyo last February and I absolutely loved it. A must visit is Mount Hakone which is a couple of hours by train outside Tokyo. Great spot to see Mt. Fuji and the roads/scenery are phenomenal. Just a tip, never use Google maps to find routes to your destination, Google maps basically can't figure out the differences between two different subway systems and JR east railway.

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A city in Philippines
Visited Sumilon Island. A gorgeous tropical island in the Philippines and beautiful spot to visit in southern Cebu. The island has a gorgeous sand bank, one of the best in Cebu.

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A city in India
I have been to India (and Mumbai in particular) on work trips and I absolutely LOVE the place. Yes, there is a real depressing element, seeing the poverty, dirt and stray dogs, but put that aside and you can experience India for what it really is, a truly exotic destination with the most delicious food, friendly people and most interesting historical sights. I suggest any tourist in Mumbai should try out the local Kulfi (Indian Ice cream).

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A city in Germany
I went here 6 months ago. Truly beautiful city, especially the city behind it. I bought a few historical souvenirs from a vendor outside Checkpoint Charlie.

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New York
A city in United States of America
Visited New York few times. When it comes to food, New York has endless options. Go to Jackson Heights and get some Indian fare. Sushi in downtown. Go to Manhattan's Upper West Side, 173rd and Broadway (if I recall correctly), go to a place called La Galicia and get a Cuban sandwich. I shouldn't have to tell you to get pizza.

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