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A city in Japan
Before you go to Fukuoka, make sure you have booked everything already. In our case, we booked everything and checked for hotels before our flight to save $$$. Now with regards to tourist attractions, there's a lot! You just need enough time. Go to Canal City Hakata if you're into shopping!! There's also the Fukuoka Castle wherein you can take photos of. And want to enjoy a nightlife even just for once in Fukuoka? We suggest you go to Nakasu! Hope you'll be able to go there :)

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A city in Philippines
We visited Bacolod twice already. The first time we went there was when they had Masskara Festival. We enjoyed dancing in the street and eat a looot of food. It is usually held first week of October and ends in third week of October. The city is quite affordable so you'll be able to do a lot of things. There's also a nice attractions such as The Ruins and if you wanna go to the beach or to a resort, try Mambukal Resort and Lakawon Resort. Absolutely stunning!

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A city in Singapore
If you're going to Singapore, make sure you buy the unlimited pass ticket (for buses or trains which is for $10) to save some $$. And we suggest you go to all the tourist's attractions of Singapore, Sentosa, Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios (must visit!!!), and although Marina Bay has an entrance fee, (but if you're not gonna swim and just want to take a photo), we suggest you don't need to take a ticket and just take a photo outside as you still can get a great view!

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Johor Bahru
A city in Malaysia
Maybe this just happened to us, but we really didn't make the most out of our JB trip but still had some good experiences! If you wanna see Legoland, JB is the right place for you! There's also a lot of outlet malls in this city where you can see a lot of stuff that you might probably want to buy and bring home for your families.

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A city in South Korea
We LOVE this city!!! This is one of our bucket list and we where able to go here last April 2017. If you're a massive fan of KPOP, you should go here!!! Love Street foods? Don't worry, Seoul got it for ya! You don't need to worry about the accommodation as Seoul is a bit affordable :)

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